About Kapakapa


The one and only Kapakapa chocolate syrup, delicious as a drink or as a sauce for food. Kapakapa's rich flavour comes from its unique, all natural blend of carob and cacao, leaving it totally free of any added preservatives, flavours, sugar or sweeteners. Kapakapa - the best thing that happened to the cacao pod since people started drinking it.


Our Ingredients

Kapakapa is produced from Carob, Cocoa powder, Cocoa Liquor and a little water - absolutely nothing else is added. Our ingredients come from the Mediterranean and Central America, where they have been grown for millenia.



Kapakapa is an all natural product made without sugar from just a few simple ingredients. It is totally free of any additives, natural or otherwise: no colours, flavours, preservatives, sweeteners, or enhancers. Keeping these ingredients free from intensive processing and undesirable extras lets us bring you the nutrition and power of the carob pod and cacao bean how we like it: pure.


The Perfect Kapakapa

Preparation (makes two cups):

  • 200mls of milk, heat gently in a pan
  • As the milk is warming, stir in 30mls (1 fluid oz. or two tablespoons) of Kapakapa
  • Froth with a blender, frother or whisk and serve in a pre-warmed cup

Contact Us

To order or for further information:

Jeremy Randerson - kapakapa@kapakapa.co.nz