Our Ingredients

Often referred to as "raw chocolate", cacao paste or cacao liquor (non-alcoholic!) is the edible part of the cacao bean and extrated from the pods. This is a solid product with a creamy, warm chocolate flavour. The product is very rich, being about 50% cacao butter, and very bitter. A good quality eating chocolate has a high cacao butter content: cacao butter melts at body tempertature, meaning the chocolate dissolves in your mouth, giving a creamy, rich taste. The fats in cacao butter are stearic acid and monosaturated ("good") fats. This is how cacao came to us from nature and is more akin to a dark chocolate and gives it the creamy taste. Without it, Kapakapa would taste thin and not give the same sense of satiety it does.


We blend our cocoa liquor with cocoa powder to get the optimum balance of taste and texture for the product. Both our cocoa liquor and cocoa powders are organic, fair-trade products from Central America.

Our carob comes from the mediterrenean, where the tree is a native species. The trees grow to about 15 metres talls, and it takes a full year for a carob pod (the edible part) to grow and ripen. You can chew a ripe carob pod just by itself, it's quite fibrous, a little sticky and delicious.


The only other ingredient is water, and that's it. Our process means we do not have to add preservatives, emulsifiers, acidifiers. Our recipe and quality ingredients means we do not need to add flavours, enhancers, salts, or any other embellishment. We've worked hard to a lot of things out, because it's really important to us to keep Kapakapa as a simple, natural product.